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You can make it with ease, you can make it highly-optimized and beautiful, and you can deploy it with a click to more platforms than you have fingers and toes. Unity 5 gives you tremendous artistic possibilities.

Features of Unity 3D

Graphics: Changes made to blending mode via shader properties are no longer ignored in Graphics. Graphics: D3D9 to make sure that internal resolves don't result in a drawn pixel, i. Single white pixel when using deferred mode. Graphics: Fixed a crash when switching from DX12 to DX11 graphics API in the Editor. Graphics: Fixed an issue with Assert "Texture aux property (unity_SpecCube0_HDR) should never be a built-in name! Graphics: Fixed an issue with BC6 decompression and improve reading of textures with more than one byte per channel.

Graphics: Fixed the issue of forward-only objects being rendered into Depth/DepthNormals textures multiple times when they have multiple submeshes and deferred shading is used. Graphics: For script created/instanced cameras only add Image Effects Callbacks if the Image Effect is already registered. Fixed the error message when disabling script during instantiate.

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Graphics: On DirectX avoid presenting a fresh-black frame whilst performing screen resizing. Graphics: Set the ambient probe for the deferred reflections pass to fix a difference between graphics jobs and non-graphics jobs rendering. Graphics: Stop RenderNow/DrawMeshNow crashing when shader had no matching vertex channels. Graphics: When calling Material. SetFloatArray, SetVectorArray, SetMatrixArray throw a NULL exception instead of crashing. IL2CPP: Fixed the incorrectly managed stack traces on iOS devices in release mode.

IOS, Android: Fixed - Light Probe Proxy Volumes don't fallback to normal probe blending. IOS: Added support in order to enable auto-rotation while broadcasting using ReplayKit. IOS: Fixed Airplay mirroring mode when using Open GLES. IOS: Fixed build errors in XCode when stripping is enabled using Mono scripting backend. IOS: Fixed WebRequest setting the IsError property correctly. IOS: Removed extra notification sent on application launch.

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Kernel: Prevent scripts from adding Transform-derived components during their Awake methods. Mac Editor: Fixed the crashes while exporting projects. Metal: Fixed geometry corruption when dynamic batching was enabled. Metal: Fixed issues with setting DontCare load flag when running multithreaded. Mono: Fixed a C# compiler bug which could cause an incorrect compiler error in some cases when overloaded generic methods were used.

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Mono: Fixed a crash which could occur in the editor when deep profiling was enabled. Mono: Fixed rare issue due to timer collisions. Particles: Fixed a NullReferenceException, when Inherit Velocity was set to less or more than 0 and Rigidbody2D was set to Dynamic. Particles: Fixed an incorrect velocity for first frame when a rigidbody was first enabled. Physics 2D: CapsuleCollider2D now correctly calculates its mass when using auto-mass.

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Physics: Fixed a crash caused by changing the value of the configuredInWorldSpace flag on a Joint attached to an inactive GameObject. Scripting: Fixed a coroutine crash in Coroutine:CompareCoroutineEnumerator. Scripting: Fixed MonoBehaviour array field with initializer getting resized to 0 by serialization.

Shaders: Fixed a crash in ShaderLab:shaderprops:GetMatrix when using OpenGL API when using specific graphics drivers on Windows. Shaders: Fixed advanced blend operations by requiring the shaders to be decorated with UNITY_REQUIRE_ADVANCED_BLEND(mode) declaration.

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Shaders: Fixed an internal error on a GLSL/Metal shader compiling corner case. Shaders: Make shader binary blob data deterministic to fix problems with asset bundle (or player data) changing with identical source inputs. Terrain: Fixed a crash when loading a scene with a terrain and trees and then unloading the previous scene. Terrain: Fixed an issue where the default material could be more specular than expected.

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Texture Importer: Fixed an issue where a texture's colour model was set to RGBA without an alpha channel. Texture Importer: Fixed an issue where BC7 didn't compress alpha textures correctly. Texture Importer: Fixed an issue where setting textureType reset sprite mode to single. Texture Importer: Fixed an issue where some textures were wrongly interpreted as single channel cube maps. Tizen: Fixed a crash that occurred when an app tried to exit.

UI: Fixed the issue of fonts created at runtime not showing up when added to text.

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UI: Fixed an occasional masking issue when using deferred rendering path on Linux. UI: Fixed scrollrect performance being slow when it had a lot of content. UI: Selection elements will update selection state when interactable is changed. UnityAds: Fixed callback executor from being destroyed on scene changes. UnityWebRequest: Fixed high CPU usage/fareeze after aborting (leaving play mode) UWR with custom download handler script. UnityWebRequest: URLs without '%' character will be escaped and the ones with '%' will be assumed to be properly escaped. VCS: Fix for editor not checking out scene file before first write in freshly loaded project.

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VCS: Fixed an issue trying to add files from ProjectSettings folder to Version Control even if they were already under Version Control. VR: Fixed a subtle timing bug on Rift that could cause very minor view stuttering in certain situations. This fixed a GearVR timeout issue. WebGL: Fixed "incorrect header check" builtin web server error when build folder contained non-URI characters. WebGL: Fixed buffer overflow that occurred when using UnityWebRequest and custom DownloadHandlerScript. WebGL: Fixed memory corruption when generating terrain base map textures.

Windows Store: Fixed the issue whereby secure connections were not working when using UnityWebRequest.

Windows Store: Fixed the known issue reported in the previous release, 5. Player prefs might get corrupted on Windows 8. SDKs when forcefully closing the application right after saving them. Windows: Fixed the logging code in the Windows Editor/Standalone player so that messages got printed at once instead of one byte at the time. OpenGL: Internal testing reported a crash in InitWGL, when opening a project with -force-opengl command. This issue will be fixed in one of the upcoming patch releases.

Asset Bundles: Introduced the ability to use ShaderVariantCollection to ensure Shader variants are built when packing the Shader with ShaderVariantCollection seperate from the Material using the Shader. Asset Importing: Significant performance improvements to DXT1, DXT5, BC4 and BC5 texture compressor, resulting in faster asset imports. Audio: Add support for streaming oggvorbis on Android and iOS. Audio: Add support for streaming oggvorbis on tvOS.

Documentation: Android - Added warning to raw JNI interface description. Fixes a GearVR timeout issue. Analytics: Fix adds Internet permission on Android when Analytics service is used. Analytics: Fixed an issue where transaction events could send the wrong value for "amount" on the WebGL platform. On JellyBean and KitKat devices. LITTLE core detection-specifically fixed core detection on Parker. Android: Fixed a crash when doing simultaneous SceneManager.

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Android: Fixed an issue where ApplicationModeVR would threw an error in the log file. Android: Fixed incorrect behaviour with Application. Android: Fixed startup crash on Adreno when protected graphics memory was used. Android: Fixed UI flickering issue that was affecting specific Vivante devices. Android: Identified unaccounted spikes in profiler. Android: OBB - Fixed loading performance regression and split APK not running without OBB.

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Android: Play audio from background applications at the original volume when it is not muted. Android: Post process is now executed before app is pushed to device. Android: Updated JNIBridge to fix Bundle class regression in API 21. Android/IL2CPP: Prevent a crash which could occur with the use of OnAudioFilterRead callbacks on krait CPUs. Animation: Fix for a crash using Resources. UnloadUnusedAssets with Animators caused by orphaned references. Animation: Re-enabled StateMachine multithreaded evaluation.

Cache Server: Can now handle paths with spaces on Mac when calling RunOSX.

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Command with the -path argument. Paths with spaces must be quoted.